• Adamjee Rd, Bank road, Murree road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Zarkon International

Zarkon International is a highly reputable and successful business that has been making its mark in the real estate sector for a little more than three decades now. Since its advent in 1985 with Mideast Hotel and apartments in Karachi, it has come a long way in terms of experience and profitability. Zarkon International is one of those few organizations that have the ability to execute a project from inception to completion by itself. Thanks to their total commitment to excellence, not only has Zarkon International established itself as a significant player in the market, but has also won the confidence of thousands of their clients.

Our Vision

To become a touchstone in real estate development and construction business through innovative and unique design, enduring construction and ethical business practices and acting in an environment friendly manner.

Our Mission

To design and develop highly attractive commercial and residential properties that become landmarks for their aesthetics, add value to the urban landscape and are profitable for all stakeholders including investors, suppliers, employees and clients.


Pakistan is among the most densely populated countries in the world. Keeping the ever-increasing population in view, there is always a need for commercial and residential property development. The world has become a global village now. The consumers in Pakistan are familiar with the international standards of development and expect the same here. Zarkon International aims to fulfill the ever increasing demand for residential and commercial properties while raising the standards of planning, development and construction to meet the international standards.


For Customers

To fulfil their requirements while maintaining the highest quality standards and offer the highest value for money.

For the Community

To offer the most convenient residential and commercial solutions that strengthen the community and bring it closer in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment

For Investors

To create opportunities that bring optimum returns on investment.

For Employees

To provide an enabling environment that offers the best personal growth and career development path.

For Partners

To team up with the most acclaimed architects, planners, developers and suppliers and develop properties that are on top of their portfolios


Zarkon Heights

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Zarkon Plaza 1

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Singapore Plaza

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Zarkon Plaza 2

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Zarkon Hills

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